Digital marketing brief (EN)

Please fill out the information in this Digital Marketing Brief. Expert of Loogle will analyze the information you provide and contact you in the shortest time, the study period Brief in some cases can last up to 2-3 working days. Thank you to our customers.

Which field are you in business?

What is your marketing goal?

Do you have a website yet? (If you have website already. Please attached your link below)

Do you have fanpage yet? (If you have. Please attached your fanpage link below)

What is your main media channel?

Another channel

Do you have an offline store, quantity?

Your marketing budget per month?

Under 10M
From 10M to 20M
From 20M to 30M
Over 30M

Which service do you need advice from Loogle?

Google analytics enhanced e-commerce
Multi-channel dynamic ads
Website E-commerce
SEO Google Map

Is there anything else you need help with?

Your name?

Your Position?

Phone number


When may we get back to you?

8h30 AM - 12 AM
13h30 PM - 17 PM

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